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heather / 22 / let's ride bikes together
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Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Untitled by YusriHarisandi


Untitled by YusriHarisandi

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Tumblr on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/41865888/via/0oi


Tumblr on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/41865888/via/0oi

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all about strings | a mix of songs featuring cool string instruments | listen

"Suddenly we could all hear, we could all listen, and instead of being caught up in our finite little balls of bullshit, we could all become players in that great universal orchestra again."

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Get to know me meme → [1/10] favorite movies: Pan’s Labyrinth

And it is said that the princess returned to her father’s kingdom. That she reigned there with justice and a kind heart for many centuries. That she was loved by her people. And that she left behind small traces of her time on earth, visible only to those who know where to look.

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givemetodrink: You are superbly cool, and we should be friends.



givemetodrink  thanks so much! we should def be friends.


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Anonymous: This is probably really stupid, but I'm kind of upset today. It's the 2 year anniversary of the suicide of a grad student in my department at college. And I didn't know, but I remember seeing her at a poetry reading and God putting it on my heart to pray for her a lot, and praying for her. And then a couple weeks later she killed herself, and I didn't even know she was struggling with that. But somehow I still feel like it was my fault, like I should have known and talked to her or something.

That’s not stupid at all. I think it’s natural to have feelings of guilt attached to the death of ones we know or love. I have experienced the suicide of two very close family members and I sometimes have times when I feel responsible, but ultimately, I don’t think God assigns us guilt for things like this. Even if we try to pray for those people, or help them, their ultimate actions stem from their own wills.

It’s impossible for us to fix anyone; the only thing we can do is try to love everyone to the best of our abilities. I know it’s difficult to release those feelings of guilt, but whenever you start to feel that way, try your best to remember that God does not condemn us for the actions of others, or for our shortcomings with other people. We can only do what we’re able, and no one does everything right, or everything they could have all the time. Starting to believe this will take some effort. But try to remember that He reaches every individual in His own way. God was in control of that grad student’s life, regardless of her interactions with others, including you.

God does not condemn us if we are free in Christ. He stretched out his palms on the cross for us. Sweat dripped from each precious, black eyelash. His spine tingles all the way to the top when He thinks of you. Try to breathe easy, and rest in God’s love, friend. I will be praying for your peace, and for this graduate student. Regardless of her current state of life, God will hear.

If you ever want to talk again, I’m right here.

Jesus loves you beyond all measure. You are like the pupil of His eye; He will protect you and care for you above all else.

Heather xx

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Nadja à Paris (Éric Rohmer, 1964)

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Tyra Banks avoids answering a question


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Tristan Pigott

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